Arzoo Puri

Arzoo Puri

M.Sc. Biomedical Science

Ms. Arzoo Puri has a Master’s degree in biomedical sciences and believes that science is constantly advancing thereby creating new discoveries each day.  She likes to utilize her skills and experience to contribute to the astounding medical advancements that take place every day.

In 2022, she completed her master's dissertation and research training from Nanobios Lab, IIT-Bombay, India, and has finished her position as a scientific writer at Eureka, which she had undertaken while pursuing her masters.

Her core interests lie in nanotechnology-based research, biomedical science and cannabis science. Her research goals are mainly directed toward the field of biosensors, point-of-care testing devices, bioimplants, drug delivery, medical diseases, and nanomaterials such as Graphene quantum dots.

Arzoo’s scientific work has been published in scientific journals as follows:

Under Communication:

Pallavi Kiran, Abhinanda Kar, Arpita Banerjee, Arzoo Puri, Rohit Srivastava “Advancement of polymer-based nanocarrier system in drug delivery”, CRC Press, Book Chapter


Puri A (2021) Detection Potential of Recently Discovered Techniques for Recovering Latent Fingerprints: A Review. J Forensic Sci Criminol 9(1): 105; April 2021, ISSN - 2348-9804, DOI: 10.15744

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