Nanomaterials for Chemical Sensors and Biotechnology

Nanomaterials for Chemical Sensors and Biotechnology

This textbook is intended to serve as a reference guide to the interdisciplinary fields of nanomaterials, sensors and biotechnology. It demonstrates functional applications of nanotechnology in diverse areas such as environmental sensing and space habitation, to medical diagnostics and tissue regeneration. With a focus on novel materials synthesis, such as using the nanomanufacturing technique of electrospinning to get the longest nanowires possible, a correlation is made of the effect of chemical, structural, and morphological features to achieve extreme materials functionality. This publication will serve as a manual to nanotechnology for both novices and experts alike, and from the materials scientist to the biophysicist and bioengineer and the medical scientist.


  • Introduction
  • Resistive Gas Sensing Using Nanomaterials
  • Hybrid Nanomaterials
  • Electrospinning - A Novel Nanomanufacturing Technique for Hybrid Nanofibers and Their Non-Woven Mats
  • Nanomedicine Applications of Nanomaterials
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