Dr Howard Morris

Nanotechnology OHS Program Manager

Safe Work Australia

GPO Box 681
PH: +61 (2) 6121 9127
Fax: +61 (2) 6275 3644
Email: [email protected]


Howard is Safe Work Australia’s Nanotechnology Work Health and Safety Program Manager, and provides policy advice for the Australian Government on nanotechnology work health and safety.

Howard participates on Standards Australia’s Nanotechnology Committee, and is Secretary of Safe Work Australia’s Nanotechnology OHS Advisory Group. He represents Standards Australia internationally on ISO’s Nanotechnology Technical Committee, and represents the Australian Government on the OECD WPMN Steering Group 8.

Howard has a Ph.D. in electrochemistry and corrosion of metals. He worked in the Newcastle and Whyalla Steelworks from 1989 to 2003, primarily in steelmaking technology and development and steelmaking process management (including work health and safety management).

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