Prof Shlomo Magdassi


Institute of Chemistry

Institute of Chemistry, Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry,
The Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
PH: +972 (2) 6584967
Fax: +972 (2) 6584350
Email: [email protected]


Shlomo Magdassi is a professor of applied chemistry, at the Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry and the center of Nanoscience at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. His research focuses on colloid chemistry, and in particular on formation, stabilization and applications of novel micro and nanoparticles. In addition to basic scientific research he conducts industrial R&D projects for various companies, such as in digital printing and conductive inks, cosmetics and pharmaceutics. He is the author of over a hundred scientific publications, and the editor of three books: Surface Activity of Proteins , Novel Cosmetic Delivery Systems and The Chemistry of Inkjet Inks. He also has about 130 patents and patent applications (about 40 inventions), which are related to applications of dispersed systems in various industries such as digital printing and ink formulations.

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