Prof Svetan Ratchev

Head of Manufacturing Division, Director of the Nottingham Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre, Faculty of Engineering

The University of Nottingham

Room A60 Coates
University Park
United Kingdom
PH: 44 (0115) 9514018
Email: [email protected]


Development of new processing and manufacturing systems solutions for high-value industries with specific emphasis in the following areas:

  • Micro Manufacturing,
  • High Precision Machining,
  • Micro Injection Moulding,
  • Precision Assembly Systems and Processes,
  • Reconfigurable and Evolvable Micromanufacturing Systems,
  • Ultra Precision Metrology,
  • Rapid Manufacturing of Micro Products,
  • Process Modelling and Simulation,
  • Manufacturing of Medical Devices.

Major Publications

  • RYLL, M., PAPASTATHIS, T. N. and RATCHEV, S., 2008. Towards an intelligent fixturing system with rapid reconfiguration and part positioning JOURNAL OF MATERIALS PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY. VOL 201(NUMBER 1-3), 198-203

  • RATCHEV, S., LIU, S., HUANG, W. and BECKER, A.A., 2007. Machining simulation and system integration combining FE analysis and cutting mechanics modelling International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. 35(1-2), 55-65

  • HIRANI, H., RATCHEV, S. and PAWAR, K., 2007. Requirement Specification for Concurrent Development of Reconfigurable Precise Assembly Systems Concurrent Engineering: Research and Applications.

  • RATCHEV, S., HIRANI, H. and BONNEY, M., 2007. Knowledge Based formation of Reconfigurable Assembly Cells Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing Systems. 18(3), 401-409

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