Dr Raymond Oliver

Director, Science and Innovation


The Fabriam Centre, Atwell Way, Middle Engine Lane
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE28 9NZ
United Kingdom
PH: 0 (44) 1912804782
Fax: 0 (44) 1912805525
Email: [email protected]


Dr Raymond Oliver is the Director of Science and Innovation within Cenamps. Raymond has over 30 years of experience in the chemical, materials and process industries including leading edge nanomaterial research and development, production and strategic business development. Raymond had developed the Cenamps product & services strategy, vision and technology footprint working closely with the senior management team.

Raymond has spent the last ten years working on science and technology associated with turning micro/nano scale science into useful macro scale products. Most recently he was a member of the Royal Society/Royal Academy of Engineering working group on nanoscience and nanotechnologies.

Major Qualifications

BSc, PhD, D.Eng, F.R.Eng, FiChem.E, C.Eng

Professional Institution Membership

Raymond is a Fellow of both the Institution of Chemical Engineers and the Royal Academy of Engineering.p>

Significant Employment History

Raymond recently undertook a detailed analysis of the science and technology capabilities in the North of England associated with the development of a Science City concept for the region. Raymond is also a visiting Professor at Leeds, Nottingham and Newcastle universities, and also Palermo in Italy.

Raymond's research interests include:

  • Human - Information - Materials interface
  • Human - Bio - Materials interfaces
  • Printed Intelligence through Materials
  • Flexible Organic Electronic Device Fabrication
  • ‘SMART’ ICT & Ambient Intelligence
  • Organic power, light and sensors

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