Dr Arutiun Ehiasarian


Nanotechnology Centre for PVD Research, MERI

Sheffield Hallam University
City Campus
S1 1WB
United Kingdom
PH: +44 (114) 2253646
Fax: +44 (114) 2253501
Email: [email protected]


His research within The Nanotechnology Centre for Physical Vapour Deposition Research (NTCPVD) concentrates on development of plasma PVD technologies to improve the properties and performance of coatings in a variety of applications. He has developed technologies for substrate pretreatment prior to coating deposition to improve adhesion, deposition of coatings with dense microstructure, low-pressure plasma nitriding and hybrid processes of plasma nitriding/coating deposition. He has experience with cathodic vacuum arc discharges, dc and pulsed magnetron discharges, and radio-frequency coil enhanced magnetron sputtering. He is one of the pioneers of the novel High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS) technology. He utilises plasma diagnostics such as optical emission spectroscopy (OES), electrostatic probes, energy-resolved mass spectroscopy and atomic absorption spectroscopy. Materials characterisation includes high-resolution TEM, STEM, STEM-EDS, SEM, and XRD as well as mechanical testing available at NTCPVD.

Major Qualifications

Arutiun joined The Nanotechnology Centre for PVD Research in 1988 where he obtained his PhD in Plasma Science and Surface Engineering after obtaining the degree of BSc (Hons) in Applied Physics from the University of Salford, UK and undergraduate studies at the University of Sofia "St Kliment Ohridski", Bulgaria.

Major Publications

He is an author of more than 50 publications, 20 invited lectures, 1 book chapter, 1 short course and 3 patents in the field of PVD and HIPIMS.

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