Prof Chris Breen

Head of Research Centre

Advanced Composites and Coatings Research Centre

Sheffield Hallam University
City Campus, Howard Street
S1 1WB
United Kingdom
PH: +44 (114) 2253008
Fax: +44 (114) 2253501
Email: [email protected]


Head of the Advanced Composites and Coatings Research Centre.

The Advanced Composites and Coatings Research Centre is involved in the processing, characterisation and use of advanced nanostructured materials. The two main areas of emphasis are:

  • Exfoliated clay-based polymeric nanocomposites which offer enhanced mechanical, barrier and fire retardant properties to polymeric systems for use in structural, packaging and coating applications and
  • Advanced nanostructured functional and decorative PVD coatings for applications in various industries such as: Aerospace, Automotive, Textile, Hydraulic, Cutting tools and many others.

Professor Breen is also leader of the Polymers, Composites and Spectroscopy (PCAS) Research Group. In addition to the work on nanocomposites this group also offers expertise in the applicational of vibrational spectroscopy to the study of controlled release from polymer matrices, polymer formation, gelation and degradation, to map and image polymer formulations. PCAS staff also have extensive expertise in the modification and characterization of clays and clay-organic complexes. Chemometric data analysis of the spectral data is often used to enhance the information available.

Major Qualifications


Major Publications

  1. High-Temperature Crystallite Phases in Nylon-6/Clay-Nanocomposites. X. Liu* and C. Breen. Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 2005, 26, 1081-1086.
  2. FTIR-ATR Studies of the Sorption and Diffusion of Water/Acetone Mixtures in Poly(vinyl alcohol). L-M. Doeppers, C. Sammon, C. Breen and J. Yarwood*. Polymer, 2006, 27, 2714-2722.
  3. Hydration of Tricalcium Aluminate (C3A) in the Presence and Absence of gypsum. Studied by Raman Spectroscopy and X-Ray Diffraction. L. Black*, C. Breen, J. Yarwood, C-S. Deng, J. Phipps and G. Maitland. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2006, 16, 1263-1272.
  4. Influence of Exchange Cation on the Catalytic Conversion of Limonene over Serra de Dentro (SD) and SAz-1 Clays. Correlations Between Acidity and Catalytic Activity. C. Catrinescu, C. Fernandes, P. Castilho and C. Breen, Applied Catalysis A, General 2006, 311, 172-184.
  5. Variable Temperature DRIFTS Study of the Effect of Ball Milling on the Water Sorbed to Kaolin. C. Breen*, J. Illés, J. Yarwood and D.R. Skuse, Vibrational Spectroscopy, 2007, 43, 366-379.

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