Dr Matthias Haeussler

Postdoctoral Fellow

Molecular and Health Technologies

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Vic, 3168
PH: +61 (3) 9545 2390
Fax: +61 (3) 9545 2446
Email: [email protected]
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Matthias Haeussler received his Masters degree in Chemistry from the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany in 2002. He then joined Prof. Ben Zhong Tang's group at The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, where he completed his PhD in summer 2006 working on conjugated hyperbranched polymers. In April 2007, Matthias moved on to his current position at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), where he is working in the field of organic photovoltaics and electroactive materials.

Academic Achievements

  • Polymer featured our work on the development of new synthetic routes to functional hyperbranched polymers [Polymer 2007, 48 (21), front cover].
  • Chemical Technology of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) highlighted our work on the development of tunable photonic materials with high refractive indexes (Chem. Technol. 2007, 4, T42).
  • Chemical & Engineering News of the American Chemical Society (ACS) highlighted our work on the syntheses and novel properties of hyperbranched polyynes [C&EN, 2004, 82 (29), 19 (July 19)]

Science / Professional Areas

  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Electroactive Materials
  • Organic Photovoltaics

Science & Corporate Citizenship

  • Member of Australian Research Council Nanotechnology Network
  • Member of European Society for Quantum Solar Energy Conversion
  • Member Chartered Chemist of The Royal Australian Chemical Institute Inc.

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