Nanomagnetics News


Researchers Develop a New Nanobiotechnology that Enables Magnetic Control of at the Cellular Level

UC Riverside Research on Nanolasers Promises an Massive Leap in Computer Memory Capacity

Research into Nanoscopic Structures Included as Part of 10 New German Collaborative Research Centers

Controlling the Magnetic Properties of a Commonly Used Blue Dye Could Revolutionise Computer Processing Power

New Magnet Design to Revolutionise Nanotechnology and Semiconductor Research

Rotating Magnetic Separation Technique Might Detect Multiple Pathogens at Once

Data Storage Breakthrough Promises Faster Computer Hard Drives

Producing Quantum Level Images

Neutron Research Completely Changes Accepted Belief of Inner Workings of Neutrons

Berkeley Scientists Measure Atomic Spin and Move a Step Closer to Quantum Computers and Spintronics