Nanooptics and Nanophotonics News


Physik Instrumente Offer NanoInnovation Grants of up $25,000

Carbon Nanotube Pipettes Could Become Key to in-situ DNA Sequencing

DSM Somos Brings Stereolithography One Step Closer to Direct Manufacturing

Molecular Imprints Secures $8.5M in Additional Funding

Liquid-State-Field-Effect Transistors Promise Improvements for "Lab on a Chip" Devices

Cooling Carbon Nanotubes

Bubble Anomaly for a Hydrophilic Microheater Attributed to Nanobubbles

Formation of Nanobubbles in Boiling Water Captured Witnessed

Ultra-High Resolution XYZ Piezo-Scanner Reaches 25 Picometer Resolution

NanoOpto and Sumitomo Metal Mining Ship First Commercial Loads of Telecommunication Products