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Fluidigm’s New Digital Array Delivers Peak Levels of Throughput for Digital PCR

Today Fluidigm introduced its new 48.770 Digital Array, the highest density commercially available integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) ever. This IFC is capable of testing up to 48 individual samples at a time and automatically partitioning each of the samples into separate sets of 770 reaction chambers - delivering a total of 36,960 simultaneous digital PCR reactions.

Previous Fluidigm Digital Array IFCs could address up to 12 samples at a time. Fluidigm introduced its digital PCR capability at the end of 2006 and is the only company today offering a commercially released digital PCR system.

Digital PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is a technique to quantify the amount of nucleic acid in a sample typically by counting amplifications from single molecules. It is an increasingly popular method used by molecular biologists to improve upon standard PCR assays. Digital PCR also offers higher resolution for copy number variation experiments, improved selectivity that enhances mutation detection and provides absolute molecule quantification.

“Fluidigm’s digital PCR contributes to research in a variety of unique ways. Researchers are able to prepare samples for high-throughput DNA sequencing with exquisite precision, thereby increasing the throughput and reach of their DNA sequencers; they are able to assay fetal DNA in maternal plasma; and they are able to quickly and easily find mutant DNA in a relative ocean of normal DNA, allowing breakthrough discoveries. With our new 48.770 IFC, scientists can race through four times as much material as was possible before to find the specific molecule that matters to their research,” said Gajus Worthington, Fluidigm’s president and chief executive officer.

When combined with Fluidigm’s SlingShot™ kit for next-generation DNA sequencing, this dynamic duo of products dramatically lowers costs and improves data quality, while speeding up time-to-results for scientists. SlingShot™ improves the productivity of next generation sequencing tools from Roche, Illumina and Applied Biosystems. It does so by exploiting the unique properties of IFCs to detect only amplifiable molecules within the sample mixture.

Using Fluidigm’s products, researchers can complete the entire digital PCR process in less than four hours. Fluidigm’s new 48.770 Digital Array is part of a complete system for genetic analysis. Systems can include IFCs (both Dynamic and Digital Arrays), an IFC Controller, a BioMark™ System or Stand-Alone Thermal Cycler, an EP1 Reader, and Fluidigm’s software suite. Fluidigm’s Digital Arrays are compatible with off-the-shelf reagents and standard micro well format dispensing layouts.

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