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New Program Offers an Extensive Assortment of Protein Array Services

NanoInk, Inc., a global leader in nanotechnology, is pleased to announce the launch of a Contract Research Program as part of its Nano BioDiscovery Division. Based on the patented Dip Pen Nanolithography (DPN) platform, NanoInk's contract services provide miniaturization and multiplex protein analysis. Drawing on NanoInk's expertise in array fabrication and protein analysis, the new contract research program includes a wide range of protein array services. Customers can choose from complete custom assay development and analysis projects to protein profiling work, to custom array printing.

Bruce Dudzik, NanoInk's Senior Director for Business Development, explained that the typical NanoInk Nano BioDiscovery assay development project begins with the client specifying proteins of interest. "Working in close consultation with the customer at each step of the process, NanoInk's dedicated Contract Research scientists then develop the custom assay protocol, fabricate the custom nanoarrays, conduct on-array assays, extract and analyze data, and develop a comprehensive final report that includes image files and raw data."

DPN technology is capable of depositing highly reproducible, submicron protein features in one sub-array and patterning as many as 96 sub-arrays per slide. As a result, NanoInk's Nano BioDiscovery protein array services deliver unmatched assay sensitivity, even with the smallest of sample sizes. Just as importantly, nanoscale protein arrays enable multi-parallel, high throughput analysis.

The Nano BioDiscovery Division provides a new era of array-based instrument systems and contract research services for nanoscale protein detection. By combing DPN nanofabrication technology with optimized substrates and next-generation detection systems for a total system solution, Nano BioDiscovery helps its customers address major proteomic challenges.

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