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Merck and Dyesol Signs Dye Solar Cells Collabration Agreement

Merck KGaA and Dyesol Limited have signed an agreement to collaborate in the development of electrolytes for use in Dye Solar Cells (DSC). This joint development agreement is the precursor to potential future commercial arrangements with Merck to manufacture existing and next generation electrolytes for DSC applications like photovoltaic renewable energy sources.

Merck is one of the world leaders in the development and production of ionic liquids which are key raw materials used in DSC electrolytes. Merck has patented intellectual property and vast know-how in the field of ionic liquids. Dyesol, located in Queanbeyan in New South Wales (Australia), is the leading developer of DSC materials and solutions, having a broad portfolio covering DSC materials, product designs and manufacturing equipments.

The first phase of the collaboration involves the development of new electrolytes, optimization of electrolytes for high performance, refinement of material specifications to assure ultra long life, and scale up for volume manufacture. Dyesol will contribute the results of the past 12 years of testing on over 400 different proprietary electrolytes that has resulted in DSC with proven stability of well over 25 years in European conditions.

"Photovoltaic renewable energy sources are showing increasing potential worldwide. The cooperation with Dyesol, the world leader in the Dye Solar Cell sector, offers us the opportunity to leverage valuable potential in this attractive market," says Dr. Emil Aust, Senior Manager of Ionic Liquids at Merck KGaA. "When used as the main components of DSC electrolytes, Merck's task-specific Ionic Liquids, make it possible to use both solid and flexible DSCs, thus enabling outstanding new applications in the future."

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