X-FAB Silicon Foundries to Lead Discussion at 7th International SOC Conference

X-FAB Silicon Foundries, the leading foundry group for analog/mixed-signal semiconductor applications and expert in "More than Moore" technologies will lead an hour-long discussion among a distinguished panel of semiconductor and biotechnology experts at the 7th International SOC Conference (www.socconference.com), here, on Nov. 4, 2009. The panel, "Exploring Opportunities for the Integration of Silicon and Biotechnology" is the first in the conference’s history to arc beyond the semiconductor realm. It will examine the springboard effects of silicon for the development of the biotechnology industry.

The semiconductor industry has transitioned through numerous boom and bust cycles during the past four decades, driven in large part by underlying high-growth market developments including the personal computer, mobile communications, the internet, high-definition digital multimedia, and mobile social networking. According to panel moderator Mark Miller, vice president of business development North America at X-FAB, "We now stand on the frontier of a new developing market opportunity, silicon-based biotech, which promises to act as the driving evolutionary force for both biotech and semiconductor technology providers. The scalability, substantial cost reduction, and opportunity for massive parallelism afforded by semiconductor technology will provide the next development platform for the biotech industry."

For more information about the panel, please visit: http://www.xfab.com/en/about-x-fab/events/eventsdetail/article/4/04-05-nov-2.html. For information about the conference or to register, please visit www.socconference.com.

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