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Zayani Motors Announces the Launch of Huper Optik Window Tinting Facility

Zayani Motors, the authorized dealership for Mitsubishi and Peugeot announces the launch of their new Huper Optik® window tinting facility, along with the offering of brand new nano-ceramic film for front windshield.

Huper Optik® Bahrain, the newly formed offspring from Zayani Motors, heralds a new era in German patented Nano-Ceramic technology by successfully securing the exclusive distributorship rights for Huper Optik this year. "Huper Optik® compliments our company's strategy of having a holistic after-sales service to our customers. No longer will they have to make a troublesome drive to a far-off tint shop and wait for their cars to be done. Everything will be done at our showrooms before handing to our valued customers their keys to their brand new drive," said Mr Nawaf K AlZayani, Managing Director of Zayani Motors. Huper Optik® nano-ceramic products will be available and applicable to all car models available at all Zayani Motors showrooms of Mitsubishi and Peugeot.

Mr AlZayani also announced the launch of the new revolutionary Huper Optik® advanced heat rejecting film, customized for the front windshield which helps to bring down cabin temperature by 10C. Named the Ceramic 70, this high-quality film offers high definition clarity allowing over 70% of light to pass through, compliant with Bahrain traffic laws while shielding off infra red heat by over 90%.

The introduction of Ceramic 70 adds on to the current suite of over 10 different products customized for the various needs of consumers. "Ceramic 70 is a premium product for the outstanding performance it delivers. In our product range, Ceramic 70 is the ace performer which is why it is the ultimate front windshield film for the discerning consumers. In fact, within the first week of introducing Ceramic 70 in the Asian markets, we sold out our inventory. We are expecting resounding success in the Middle East market as well," added Mr Teo.

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