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XiGo Nanotools’ Acorn Area Analyzer Added to Microtrac’s Total Solutions Portfolio

Microtrac Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of the XiGo Nanotools Acorn Area Surface Area Analyzer to Microtrac’s Total Solutions Suite of products.

XiGo Acorn Area Analyzer

The XiGo Acorn Area Surface Area Analyzer provides research and process development scientists with a valuable new tool to measure the surface area of nanomaterials in liquid dispersions.

Bob Sheng, Microtrac Inc. President says: “The strategic partnership between Microtrac Inc. and XiGo Nanotools is an alliance of two companies dedicated to providing truly innovative solutions in nanomaterial characterization. Microtrac Inc. already has an extensive range of products in particle size and particle charge that allows nanomaterial researchers to accurately study the stability and behaviour of their materials in different conditions. Until now, the “missing link” was the ability to determine the surface area of materials in suspension. The application of NMR technology in the Microtrac/XiGo Acorn Area Analyzer allows a fast, accurate measurement of surface area in the liquid phase for the first time!”

Sean Race, XiGo President says: “ We are delighted to add Microtrac Inc. to the XiGo distribution team. Their Total Solutions portfolio of products for particle characterization is the perfect complement to our Acorn Area, the World’s fastest measurement of nanoparticle surface area available. The synergies between our product lines is clear, and we are excited to have such a strong team of sales engineers and nanoparticle scientists supporting our US and Canadian customers.“


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