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New Report Shows That Nanogen’s Hair Fibres Offer Better Performance

Early indications from an unpublished report support performance claims made by Nanogen with scientific data. Nanofibres are microscopic keratin fibres that attach to hair using an electrostatic charge. Other companies produce hair fibres, but Nanogen’s Nanofibres are always reviewed favourably, and are commonly thought to be superior in quality and in effectiveness. The new report will corroborate this public opinion with quantitative data showing Nanogen’s hair fibres perform better in several key areas.

The independent test report written by a respected electrostatics expert suggests that a new Nanofibres dispenser may provide as much as 400% more charge than any competitor product. The as yet unpublished report suggests the superior charge is due to a combination of the high fibre conductivity from a patent pending fibre coating, and a new dispenser subject to a second patent pending. The new report may also show that this increased charge will give a better hair camouflaging result.


Author of the report, electrostatic physicist Graham Hearn stated “only Nanogen exhibited statistically significant perpendicular binding.” According to Nanogen it is this perpendicular binding that creates a significant hair thickening effect, as fibres branch from the hair rather simply than coating it. This superior thickening is also suggested by the report to be due to a new patent-pending coating on the fibres and a new dispenser.

Nanogen “Do not comment on unreleased technology” a spokesperson said, however they did admit they were aware of the report and were due to release details of several new technologies in future months.

Nanofibres have been developed by the hair loss experts to provide a completely natural and undetectable concealer for men and women with thinning hair. Nanofibres are already the market leader in hair loss concealers, through new research it is hoped their hair concealing performance will be improved even further.


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