Veeco to Host Free Webinar on AFM in Food Research

As part of its ongoing series of live webinars on AFM technology and advancements, Veeco Instruments Inc. will be hosting a free online seminar on “Atomic Force Microscopy Techniques in Food Research.” Alexandre Berquand, Ph.D., Bio Applications Scientist, Veeco Instruments, Inc., will broadcast this live webinar on Wednesday August 18, 2010, at 8:30am PST. The one-hour presentation will help you learn more on how AFM can be used to image food products and how quantitative structural information can be extracted from such studies.

Reliable microscopy techniques are a key requirement to characterize chemical and mechanical properties at the sub-micrometer scale. Those structural properties directly affect the appearance, texture, taste and overall quality of a food product. Though electron and fluorescence microscopes are most commonly used to image food products, atomic force microscopy is the only technique that allows nanoscale investigation of food properties, and therefore is catching more and more interest in that field.

Webinar will be presented once on Wednesday, August 18, 2010, at 8:30am PST. Be sure to sign up if interested, even if you may not be able to attend the live session. After the live seminars have been completed, all registrants will be sent a link to a recorded webinar session.

Space is limited, so please register today (an internet and computer speakers, or a phone connection will be necessary). To sign up for this webinar, as well as other Veeco webinars on surface profilometry, go to

A 15-minute Q&A session will follow the presentation, where webinar attendees can ask the presenter follow-up questions.

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