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Successful Assembling of mPhase’s First Multi-Cell Smart NanoBattery

mPhase Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: XDSL) mPhase said today that it has successfully assembled its first functional multi-cell Smart NanoBattery (illustration included).

Assembly of first functional multi-cell Smart NanoBattery

This was achieved by bonding an electrolyte reservoir to mPhase's patented, porous, silicon based smart surface. The combined multi-cell reservoir and honeycomb porous smart surface assembly is then bonded to a glass and silicon electrode assembly and populated with the electrode stacks consisting of lithium and carbon monofluoride materials (Li/CFx). Fully assembled units are then filled with the electrolyte and sealed, making them air tight. They are finally attached to special circuit boards for testing and characterization studies, which will include triggering and activation of each of the independent battery cells via a technique called electrowetting, which gives the mPhase reserve battery one of its key attributes -- programmable triggering. Because of the unique design of the multi-cell battery, each cell in the battery has very long shelf until it is triggered.

The development of the Smart NanoBattery has been undertaken with funding support from a Phase II STTR Army award.


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