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RDS Partners with Intel Ireland to Honor Nanoscience Scientists

In recognition of the significant achievements being made by Irish scientists and scientists based in Ireland to the field of nanoscience, the RDS in partnership with Intel Ireland have inaugurated a Prize Lecture for Nanoscience.

Ireland is currently ranked 6th in the world in the field of nanoscience - ongoing research in this area is leading the way for an array of exciting developments across diverse industries. This field of research has the potential to revolutionise the future of industries in Ireland such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals and electronics and add significant value to our existing strengths in these areas.

It is increasingly important to acknowledge Irish excellence in scientific innovation. General manager of Intel Ireland Eamonn Sinnott, vice president of its technology manufacturing group, said Intel welcomed the award programme. "Nanoscience is not only a key enabling technology for the semiconductor industry but also will underpin many other types of industries in Ireland and across the globe, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices and others," he said.

The Prize Lecture will be awarded annually and will alternate between a scientist based in Ireland and an Irish scientist based abroad.

The award in 2011 will be for a scientist based in Ireland. Those eligible are scientists working in the field of nanoscience. This includes, but is not limited to, those working in the areas of advanced materials, photonics, electronics and biology and their applications.

Nominations for this Prize Lecture are now open. The lecture will be given at the RDS in May 2011.


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