ISSYS Introduces New MEMS-Based Safe Density Meter

Integrated Sensing Systems, Inc. (ISSYS) announced that it is launching a new intrinsically safe density meter, the FuelSense™, geared towards the flammable fluids market.

According to Doug Sparks, Executive VP of ISSYS and the Director of the Microfluidic Product Line, "This new meter will help our customers save money as fuel prices rise by monitoring the quality of the fuels and enabling accurate blending of petrochemical and biofuels. Adding a density meter to existing volumetric flow meters allows mass flow to be tracked in critical custody transfer operations. Airports are one of the first places to start using these meters to monitor jet fuel. We have obtained UL, cUL and ATEX certification for flammable liquid and gas applications. The technology can also be used for hydrogen and methane applications for density and concentration of binary gas mixtures. This will open up a wide variety of new markets for ISSYS' technology."

FuelSense(TM) Density Meter

Dr. Nader Najafi, ISSYS President and CEO, stated that, "ISSYS' MEMS technology is a key component in this new meter. The small sensing elements give the product its size and weight advantage over the competition in the area of safe fuel monitoring. We are proud of this new product and it is our first product that has obtained a CE mark to gain access to the European market. Ethanol, biodiesel and gasoline have different densities and can use this meter for monitoring their purity and mixing them together. It can also be used in nonflammable applications where a high quality density meter is needed and is sold under the MassSense™ name for these markets."


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