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Energy-efficient Nansulate Coatings for Food Processing Industry

Industrial Nanotech has recently declared that its energy efficient Nansulate protective coatings will be incorporated by a global food processing company.

Francesca Crolley, vice president of Business Development, said the coatings will reduce heat energy loss from steam pipes, are corrosion resistant, reduce surface temperatures ensuring worker safety, and reduce condensation. These features make them an ideal solution for the food processing sector.

Nansulate coatings are compliant with GM9540P Accelerated Corrosion Test standards. This is a cyclic technique that was developed by General Motors and is now incorporated by the US Navy. The testing offers enhanced results that can be corroborated by actual use. An uncoated panel and Nansulate coated panels were tested at the same time. After one cyclic test, the uncoated panel corroded, while the Nansulate coated panels remained corrosion free even after 24 cycles.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), over 45% of all the fuel burned by the U.S. manufacturers is used to create steam. In a recent trial on the DOE guidelines, energy savings from insulating steam lineswere estimated to be more then 2000 feet of 4inch diameter pipe at 150 PSIG pressure. Annual energy savings were estimated at $84,130.88.

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