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FutureCarbon to Display Carbon Nanomaterial-Based Products at NSTI Nano Tech Show

FutureCarbon, provider of carbon nanomaterial-based super-composites, will display its portfolio of products at 2011 NSTI nano tech show to be conducted from 14 to 15 June 2011 in Boston.

At the show, one of the products to be displayed by FutureCarbon is Carbo e-Therm, an advanced carbon metamaterial-based heated coating. The company offers different variants of the product with a low non-hazardous operating voltage of 12 or 24 V. The coating has the ability to heat surfaces and forms to a high temperature of around 500 °C and is used for applications such as lab flasks, rotor blades of wind power parks, internal surface of automobiles, floors and walls.

FutureCarbon’s next product to be exhibited at the show is its electrically conducting adhesive called CarboBond. The product enables linking specific electrical resistance for antistatic areas to reach a conductivity 100 Wcm. It offers superior adhesive and processing properties, making it an easy-to-integrate product for customer applications.

FutureCarbon will also display its CarboShield, an advanced coating that offers superior shielding against electromagnetic radiation. The product’s special feature is its constant absorption spectrum that has an extensive range between a few MHz to over 50 GHz. It can be applied over numerous surfaces and geometries that require protection against the hazardous impact of electromagnetic radiation, such as electronic systems, technical installations and guarding rooms in buildings.


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