Nemotek Technologies Delivers Wafer-Level Camera Modules and Wafer Lens

Nemotek Technologies, a company that manufactures custom-made wafer-level cameras (WLC) for portable applications, has been named as the “Global Entrepreneurial Company of the Year” by Frost & Sullivan.

The company has an extensive product line of unique wafer-level camera modules (WLC) and wafer lens and has retained a strong industry presence, which has made Nemotek the winner of this year’s award.

Within a short span, the company has achieved considerable recognition in the field of wafer-based micro-optic solutions. Nemotek is capable of reaching out to potential customers by continuously upgrading its numerous micro-optic platforms and by minimizing disruption to current users.

Nemotek strives to optimize the supply chain and offers lens for a complete range of cameras. Nemotek manufactures advanced camera lens of lower distortion and higher resolution by using the advantages offered by glass wafer technology. The company continues to deliver lens of high-quality and to fabricate WLCs that are customized based on specific user requirements. Recently, the company manufactured a lens, comprising one-element that provided a very wide area of view than other wafer lens models present in the market.


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