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Fluidigm Access Array System with IFCs Enables Automatic Sample Preparation and Target Resequencing

Fluidigm has declared the purchase of Access Array systems by Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to make its sample preparation process automated for target-specific resequencing. Access Array systems provide the opportunity for next-generation sequencing enabling the preparation of numerous sample libraries simultaneously.

Acess Array system

This multiplexed Access Array sample preparation system allows amplification of 48 samples, equal to 48 sequencing libraries, simultaneously within few hours of time. This system is useful for sample barcoding to enhance multiplexed sequencing, for preparation of sequencing library using amplicon-based tagging, and for target enrichment.

Gajus Worthington, CEO and President of Fluidigm stated that since their Access Array systems use minimum amounts of sample and help in preparing libraries for resequencing using amplicon, it will be helpful in several research works conducted by Broad institute.

Fluidigm’s Access Array system suits any PCR-based sample preparation technique and is compliant with primers and reagents as desired by the customer. The company provides customers with Access Array target-specific primers to enable generation of sequencer ready amplicons useful for next-generation sequencing.

For human specific resequencing, Fluidigm recently provides custom PCR-based primer design. The Access Array system comprises two integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) controllers, specific microfluidic IFC for single-use, and an independent thermal cycler to provide results in just four hours.


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