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More Textile Mills Use Industrial Nanotech's Nansulate Coating

Industrial Nanotech, a manufacturer of nanoscience energy-saving products, has declared that more textile mills are using its patented Nansulate, an energy-saving protective coating, to prolong their equipment performances.

Nansulate coating is applied in several textile industries for providing insulation to their steam pipes, heat exchangers, dyeing machines, and several other devices.

A manufacturer of consumer crafts, threads and yarns, PLC announced that the application of Nansulate on heat generating equipment in its 37 factories located in 27 countries has reduced 10% of their steam consumption and 2% of global carbon emission. Henateks Textile, a manufacturer of brands such as Nike, Adidas, and many more, reported that liquid natural gas consumption was decreased by 20% by applying Nansulate High Heat coating to insulate their steam processing equipments.

Erenko Textile, a manufacturer of brands such as Walt Disney and others, made a comparison of two machines with same capacity working simultaneously for 60 minutes at 60oC. The result showed that the machine applying Nansulate insulation decreased steam supply cycles from 24 injections to 2 injections in those 60 minutes, and thereby decreased 20% of energy consumption and made an overall decline in unit material manufacturing costs by 10%.

Stuart Burchill, CEO of Industrial Nanotech, stated that the company is doing a pilot study with Hanesbrands to identify the performance of Nansulate that is being applied in textile manufacturing factories to heat generating equipments. Hanesbrands clothing brand names are Barely There, Champion, Hanes, Bali, L’eggs, Just My Size, Wonderbra, and Playtex.


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