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Industrial Nanotech’s Distributor Supplies Nansulate Coating to Unipro

A provider of nanoscience-based energy-saving solutions, Industrial Nanotech has declared that Kolorgen, its distributor in Turkey, has finalized a project with Unipro for insulating steam process equipment, valves, and steam lines with its patented energy-saving coating, Nansulate.

Unipro utilized Nansulate EPX and Nansulate High Heat to provide insulation to equipment in its manufacturing facility located in Turkey. Nansulate EPX is a water-based epoxy insulation coating, and Nansulate High Heat is a corrosion and insulation control coating. On examining the initial temperature value, it was found that the surface temperature of the steam line was reduced from 160°C to 80°C when coated with coating of about 3mm thickness. The project is still in operation,enabling application of Nansulate coating to storage tanks and cold liquid lines.

Vedat Bilgin, President of Kolorgen stated that bigger manufacturing facilities comprise steam and cold pipe lines that run for several kilometers, which are normally arranged either above, next to or beneath one another. This reduces the burden of maintenance staffs who find it difficult to identify the pipelines and change the insulated coating, he added. Nansulate provides extremely thin insulation that is long-lasting and ensures protection from adverse environmental conditions and also enables the maintenance staff to quickly and easily identify the affected pipelines that require attention, he explained.

Francesca Crolley, Vice President of Business Development at Industrial Nanotech stated that the company provides guidance to other firms to sustain and meet their energy-saving objectives. He added that the company also ensures safety of workers by decreasing surface temperatures.


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