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Lighthouse Develops Fluid Particle Counter with 25 nm Detection Limit

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, a supplier of contamination monitoring and particle counting solutions, has introduced a fluid particle counter with detection limit of about 25 nm.

This particle counter detection limit is the lowest detection limit currently available. The NanoCount 25 enables users to fix particle detection in four different channel sizes such as 100, 75, 50, and 25 nm.

The NanoCount 25 provides continuous, trouble-free operation - something that is very important to our customers

The NanoCount 25 features concentration limits of approximately 200,000 particles/ml and is suitable for monitoring real-time particle concentration in conditions of high purity. The applications include filter efficiency particle measurements, process monitoring and qualification, and deionized water monitoring in semiconductor or any other production conditions.

The integration of NanoCount 25 into facility monitoring systems is easy and rapid, and can be utilized as a stand-alone system. Industry standard Analog outputs, Ethernet, and RS-485 MODBUS communication protocols are the communication interfaces. The NanoCount 25 has an in-built color display option enables easy observation of real-time information.

Scott Salton, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions’ President has stated that by providing a reliable design and integrating the diode-pumped, solid-state laser particle counting technology in the NanoCount 25, constant, problem-free operation which is very vital to the customers has become possible.

Lighthouse is the provider of real-time particle counters, particle analysis software, and contamination monitoring systems. The company provides accurate monitoring devices such as analysis software, total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers, liquid particle counters, and airborne particle counters to the defense, aerospace, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and many other manufacturing sectors.


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