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STMicroelectronics to Demonstrate MEMS Innovations at MICROTech World 2011

A supplier of MEMS devices for portable and consumer applications, STMicroelectronics will be demonstrating its newest advancements in MEMS for portable and consumer, healthcare, and automotive applications from August 24 to 26 at MICROTech World 2011 in Korea.

The visitors of MICROTech World 2011 can view the demonstrations of ST’s advanced MEMS technology in three important application areas including automotive, smart mobile devices, and healthcare. The fourth international MEMS/Microtech Conference will also concurrently take place at Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) on August 24, 2011.

ST will display its new automotive MEMS used in g-Brake Lights developed on the basis of ST's AIS326DQ inertial sensor. These brake lamps serve as an extra warning light by offering an optical indication of the deceleration sensed by the accelerometer AIS326DQ while applying brakes, thereby ensuring safety of the vehicle driver.

The company's iNEMO software engine is a platform for implementing sensor combination of MEMS sensing up to 10-axis of magnetic, angular, and linear motion as well as pressure sensing for recognizing motion. ST will showcase a broad range of applications for tablets and smart phones. Additionally, MEMS digital microphones will be demonstrated by ST, which are less vulnerable to electromagnetic interference, temperature differences, and mechanical differences.

ST will display a tiny insulin pump using MEMS, which can be placed on a disposable skin patch. This pump allows constant insulin infusion. Also, it will display MEMS pressure-sensor technology-based smart contact lens that monitors and observes changes occurring in eye pressure over a 24-hour time range.

The company’s MEMS sensors have enabled motion-initiated user interfaces in several well-known consumer devices such as remotes, digital still cameras, game consoles, personal media players, tablets, and smart phones. Its acceleration sensors are broadly used by computer manufacturers for securing hard-disk drives of laptop. Car accessory manufacturers use ST's MEMS in developing and improving navigation systems, and airbags.


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