Dais Analytic Secures US Patent for Nanoparticle Ultracapacitor

Dais Analytic proclaimed that it has been awarded a US patent titled ‘Nanoparticle Ultracapacitor’ by the United States Patent Office.

The US patent 7,990,679 covers the usage of Dais Analytic’s commercial portfolio of Aqualyte nano-structured materials to develop a high-performance energy storage system at lower cost when compared to current storage technologies. The company filed the patent on July 16 2007.

Scott G. Ehrenberg, who serves as Dais Analytic’s Chief Technology Officer, and Liwei Cao, Dais Analytic’s Senior Polymer Chemist, are the cited inventors of the patent. Through a joint testing deal with the University of Florida, Dais has utilized the concepts of the patent to develop a functional energy storage prototype system called ‘NanoCap’, which is a type of ultracapacitor.

According to the patent, NanoCap has potentially higher energy storage densities compared to existing lithium ion batteries. The device has low weight, enhanced capacitance and higher power.

Once completely developed, NanoCap can be used to power an extensive range of applications such as consumer batteries used in computers and cell phones, transistor gate dielectrics, transportation, telecommunication infrastructure and energy storage system, specifically for storing renewable energy.

Ehrenberg stated that the fact that NanoCap has been produced by altering the properties of the company’s nano-materials is very special for the company. Dais expects to demonstrate the influence of the Aqualyte portfolio of plastics to offer long-term solutions to the growing infrastructure demands for cleaner water, cleaner air and energy efficacy, he added. Dais intends to reveal more technical facts for the development of Aqualyte in the energy storage sector as soon as possible.

Source: http://www.daisanalytic.com

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