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3M Drug Delivery Systems Introduces 3M Microchannel Skin System

3M Drug Delivery Systems has launched its new tool called 3M Microchannel Skin System, which allows dermatologists to perform pretreatment on patients’ skin before dermatological procedures and applications.

3M Microchannel Skin System

The 3M Microchannel Skin System features a patch having numerous microneedles to form microchannels in the skin’s outermost layer with less pain for patients. The system has a disposable sterile microneedle patch and a snap-on handle, making it a user-friendly and inexpensive replacement for current reusable microneedle products for pretreatment.

The procedure involves the cleaning of the area to be pretreated, snapping the handle onto a patch, pressing it in a vertical stamping motion gently onto the skin and disposing the used patch. 3M’s knowledge in microreplication is the basis of the 3M Microchannel Skin System’s microneedle technology. The company has utilized the microreplication technology in numerous products such as golf gloves, reflective highway signs, brightness films, abrasives and transdermal delivery systems.

3M Drug Delivery Systems utilized the experience of its scientific community and its major micromolding and microreplication technology platforms for its microneedle technology. The company’s innovations in the molding technologies and tools utilized in these procedures will continue to offer future-generation biotech and pharmaceutical solutions.

Henry Schein will be the exclusive distributor of the 3M Microchannel Skin System. 3M Drug Delivery Systems offers the products in three convenient configurations that include a handle pack (5 handles), a patient pack (5 patches, 1 handle) and an office pack (25 patches, 5 handles). Based on the recommendations of the dermatologist, patient packs will be sold to patients.


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