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University of New Mexico Inaugurates Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology Laboratory

A new nanomedicine and nanotechnology laboratory has been opened on the third floor of the Centennial Engineering Center of the University of New Mexico.

New nanobio-nanomedicine Lab opened at University of New Mexico

The New Mexico state government had invested $2 million in the nanobio-nanomedicine laboratory. Jeff Brinker, a Professor at the University of New Mexico and Sandia fellow, led the development of the laboratory measuring 5,000 sq.ft. Brinker-led research works were mainly displayed on the wall in which the most prominent work is the formation of pore-riddled nanospheres called ‘protocells’ that can encapsulate and supply extraordinarily huge amounts of cancer-killing chemicals straightway into cancer-affected cells.

Cheryl Willman, who is the Director of the University of New Mexico’s Cancer Center, stated that drug companies located close to San Diego and Boston have shown interest in the protocell work. However, the researchers plan to establish a company in New Mexico to bring these protocells to market, Willman said. The nanobio-nanomedicine laboratory will assist to develop more medical innovations from New Mexico, she added.

The nanomedicine and nanotechnology laboratory has specific space allocated to produce and study novel nanomaterials as well as to continue research on low-level pathogens and cancers. Carlee Ashley, the University of New Mexico’s post-doctoral student who led the development of nanoscale medicine transporters under the guidance of Brinker for her doctoral project, stated that for commercial uses, better production practices that include purity, dosage control, reproducibility and other aspects in protocells should be demonstrated by the researchers. They have also to confirm the removal of toxins prior to human trials, she added.


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