eSilicon Tapes Out 28-nm Three-Way Microprocessor Chip Using Magma Software

Magma Design Automation has declared that Magma software has been utilized by eSilicon to tape out a MIPS32 1074Kf coherent processing system-based three-way microprocessor cluster whose normal performance will be nearly 1.5 GHz and inferior performance will be 1 GHz.

Powered by the Talus-Flow-Manager-based reference flow for the 28nm-SLP process technology of GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Talus IC implementation platform of Magma, eSilicon's microprocessor chip has attained the performance goal and minimal power usage. The combination of DRC+, a silicon-tested, yield-critical pattern-based design of GLOBALFOUNDRIES for production flow, and the Quartz LVS and Quartz DRC products of Magma facilitated the chip's physical verification.

With Talus platform, eSilicon was able to use a sophisticated IC implementation solution that tackles the design challenges at ³ 28 nm node. The platform's Talus Flow Manager streamlines the process node and tool adoption and facilitates flow rollout. This special function offers a turnkey 28-nm netlist-to-GDSII design flow tested by GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

The Talus-Flow-Manager-based reference flow for the 28nm-SLP process technology of GLOBALFOUNDRIES offers special visualization functionalities, which allow chip manufacturers to import an already available design easily and rapidly, then assess its performance at the 28-nm SLP process. This novel reference flow allows the common customers of GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Magma to assess the advantages of shifting to the 28-nm process node.

The Talus Flow Manager is easily compatible with Magma's Quartz LVS and Quartz DRC products for physical verification. With the support of the Quartz products, DRC+ flow of GLOBALFOUNDRIES enables chip manufacturers like eSilicon to radically speedup the detection of complex production problems and two-dimensional yield detractors with an accuracy equivalent to that of full-chip lithography process simulations.


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