ARM, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Announce Launch of 28 nm SoC Test Chip

ARM and GLOBALFOUNDRIES have introduced the first-its-kind 28 nm dual-core Cortex-A9 processor-based SoC test chip operating at over 2.5 GHz frequency. They have also announced the tape out of Cortex-A9 processor-based SoCs utilizing 20 nm technology qualification vehicle (TQV) of GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

These announcements are the latest advancements of the long-term partnership between ARM and GLOBALFOUNDRIES to develop optimal SoC solutions for designing ARM Cortex-A series processors utilizing advanced process technologies of GLOBALFOUNDRIES and ARM artisan sophisticated physical IP. Each TQV designed by the partnership imitates a complete specification SoC with focus on reducing power consumption, improving performance and decreasing market-reach time for foundry companies.

Wafers that are produced on the 28 nm process technology of GLOBALFOUNDRIES at its Fab 1 facility located in Dresden, Germany are the basis of the performance results at over 2.5 GHz. Improvement in performance with very low active power and 0.85 V of operating point is anticipated on the 28 nm high performance plus platform of GLOBALFOUNDRIES, an ideal solution for wired networking applications.

The 20 nm TQV is built on GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ future-generation 20 nm platform that consumes half the power and delivers up to 35% more performance than the company’s 28 nm process technologies. Like the objective of the 28 nm TQV, the 20 nm TQV’s objective is design- optimized process technology for Cortex-A series processors. The early partnership between ARM and GLOBALFOUNDRIES will allow chip designers to tackle the ever-increasing design and production difficulties in 20 nm technology, while decreasing time to mass production.

The SoC design platforms of GLOBALFOUNDRIES are based on its 32/28nm HKMG technology and are completely enabled with ARM memory compilers, standard cell libraries and IP of several third party providers.


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