Manhattan Scientifics Leads with Magnetic Nano-Particle-Based Early Cancer Detection Technology

An article titled, ‘The race is on for a better mammogram’ written by Sierra Jiminez in the online Fortune Magazine on 19 December 2011 has described the nanotechnology-based early breast cancer detection technology of Edward R. Flynn, who serves at Manhattan Scientifics.

Manhattan Scientifics is a company specializing in the technology transition and commercialization of nanomedicine technologies that includes the early detection technology of Flynn.

Flynn has spent a decade for fine tuning his early detection technology that is capable of detecting cancerous tumor much earlier with 100% specificity and without radiation when compared to the current mammogram technologies. The technology utilizes iron oxide nanoparticles, which are bonded to the breast cancer antibodies capable of attaching only with breast cancer cells. A SQUID machine is used to detect the magnetic signal released by the bound nanoparticles. The patented technology allows the technician to detect the cancerous tumor having as low as 100,000 cells, whereas a typical mammogram can detect a tumor only when it is having 100 million cells or more.

The article has also noted that the MD Anderson Cancer Center located in Houston has shown interest as a means of recognition of the early detection capability of Flynn’s technology. The article also pointed out the statement of John Hazle of the MD Anderson Cancer Center. According to the statement, the center inked a pre-clinical assessment study of the magnetic nano-particle technology in August 2011.


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