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NaturalNano Receives US Patent Covering Nanocomposites and Production Method

NaturalNano has declared that it has been awarded a key patent titled ‘Nanocomposite Master Batch and Method of Manufacturing’ by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The US Patent No. 8,124,678 covers the utilization of NaturalNano’s proprietary Halloysite material as an additive to improve the performance of molded polymers. NaturalNano has pioneered the utilization of eco-friendly, naturally occurring Halloysite materials in a broad array of industrial applications.

Through the granted US Patent No. 8,124,678, NaturalNano has strengthened the patent protection for the utilization of Halloysite materials as a performance-enhancing additive when utilized in molded polymers.

The Chief Executive Officer at NaturalNano, James Wemett stated that one of the major challenges in reinforced polymer production is achieving complete mixing of the reinforcing substances inside the molding machine to manufacture superior quality products at lower cycle times. The materials and technique covered by this patent allow the production of a highly concentrated pre-mix Halloysite material in the form of pellets, which can be readily integrated with regular polymer pellets for utilization in the molding equipment.

Wemett further said that the company’s method offers homogenous high-quality molded components at standard cycle times and helps customers improve their product output and quality, and decrease their cost. The company continues to reinforce its dominance for Halloysite in the industrial applications as it continues to augment its licensing opportunities, Wemett concluded.


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