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Rolith to Scale Up Nanostructuring Technology Through Series A Funding

AGC America, a major glass manufacturer, and DFJ VTB Capital Aurora, a nanotechnology investor affiliated with VTB Group, have offered a $ 5 million worth Series A funding to Rolith, a company specializing in sophisticated nanostructured devices and coatings.

The $5 million fund will be used to accelerate business development efforts in order to meet the demands for industrial-scale nanostructured coatings, advance research and development, and increase the size of the engineering team.

According to VTB Capital’s Global Head of Venture Capital, Aidar Kaliev, the company is happy to lead the $5 million investment in Rolith. The company reckons that Rolith’s large-scale nanocoating technique is capable of becoming the new benchmark for various consumer and industrial applications.

AGC America’s General Manager for Global Technology Networking, Naoki Sugimoto commented that Rolith’s nanostructure method can be cost effectively used on large size glasses, paving the way to make innovative products with practical applications.

Rolith’s Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Boris Kobrin stated that the company will use this investment to expand its nanostructuring technique to substrate sizes bigger than that provided by its competitors and show viability of the first few of its nanostructured coatings.

Dr. Kobrin, Julian Zegelman and Prof. Mark Brongersma co-founded Rolith in 2008. The company offers sophisticated nanostructured coatings for a broad array of markets, including consumer electronics, green building and renewable energy, utilizing its proprietary nanolithography system that delivers higher quality and better throughput than other methods at a lower cost.


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