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Intel Presents 2011 Preferred Quality Supplier Award to DA NanoMaterials

Air Products’ subsidiary, DA NanoMaterials has received a 2011 Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) award from Intel.

DA NanoMaterials is one among the 19 companies that won the Intel award for their remarkable performance in 2011. The company was felicitated for supplying CMP slurries, which are significant for Intel’s success.

Intel presents the PQS award as part of its Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement program to encourage suppliers for continuous improvement. For the award, Intel evaluates its suppliers’ performance and ability to fulfill availability, cost, technology, quality, social, governance, and environmental objectives.

DA NanoMaterials’ Chief Executive Officer, Nick Robertson stated that the company’s global team is happy to win this Preferred Quality Supplier award, which signifies an appreciation in the company’s ability to continuously fulfill Intel’s top standards in terms of cost, technology, product stewardship, delivery and quality. He also expressed his gratitude to the Intel team for its close relationship and remarkable efforts.

Intel’s Vice President and Director of Fab Materials Operation, Tim Hendry stated that the company was happy to present the 2011 Preferred Quality Supplier award to DA NanoMaterials, which constantly delivered advanced technology and reliable performance and is continuously investing in future technology that enable Intel to offer future products on time. DA NanoMaterial's commitment to make constant improvement, provide customer focused service, and offer advanced CMP slurries are the key qualities acknowledged with this award.

DA NanoMaterials manufactures products for the wafer polishing and semiconductor markets. The company sells its CMP slurries under the trademarks, Mazin, Syton and CoppeReady.


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