sp3 Diamond Technologies Announces Shipment of First HF CVD Equipment to China

sp3 Diamond Technologies, a provider of diamond deposition reactors, products and services, has declared the shipment of the first hot filament (HF) chemical vapor deposition (CVD) reactor to the Chinese market.

This is sp3 Diamond Technologies’ 17th HF diamond deposition reactors shipped in the past two years, highlighting increasing demand for CVD diamond equipment and technology. The company shipped a Model 655 reactor to this first Chinese customer for cutting tool applications.

The Model 655 Series HF CVD deposition equipment provides repeatable and accurate diamond deposition to produce micro- and nano-crystalline diamond films. The company’s CVD diamond coatings have been effectively used in numerous industrial applications such as cutting tools for machining wafer-scale diamond for use in semiconductor-related applications, chemical mechanical planarization pad conditioners, electrodes, wear applications, and non-ferrous materials as well as in other technological applications. The total HF CVD diamond deposition reactors being operated across the world are over 35.

sp3 Diamond Technologies’ President and Chief Operating Officer, Dwain Aidala stated that the company’s entry into the Chinese market through this diamond technology shipment is a key landmark. The company’s capability to fulfill the needs of China's growing market is a complement to the performance and quality delivered by its diamond deposition systems.

The company is witnessing a growing interest in the adoption of diamond as a cost-efficient material in numerous applications. China’s production potential is a key element to the company’s long-term growth strategy to operate as a major U.S. producer and supplier of diamond deposition equipment.

Source: http://www.sp3diamondtech.com/

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