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Broad Institute Hosts MiniFAB Seminar on Commercialization of Microfluidic Devices

MiniFAB (AUST) Pty Ltd will provide a seminar on designing, prototyping, developing, and manufacturing polymer microfluidic devices at the Broad Institute on Monday, May 14, 2012. MiniFAB is a contract engineering firm providing custom development of disposable polymer microengineered products headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and with satellite offices in the United States and Europe. With a group of the Broad Institute’s expert scientists and engineers, MiniFAB’s CEO, Erol Harvey, will discuss advances in polymer microfluidics.

"Over the past 10 years the teams at MiniFAB have created a well-structured path for the development of polymer micro engineered lab-on-a-chip systems. While the development pathway is now clear, success still requires a fair degree of multi-disciplinary collaboration, discovery, and invention. We are excited to explore these themes with the researchers at The Broad Institute," says Erol Harvey, MiniFAB’s CEO.

Successful technology transfer from laboratory prototype to full-scale manufacture of medical diagnostic products is about managing complexity. Although there are many promising emerging technologies in this field, there are a multitude of development hurdles facing each product development effort, including manufacturability, scale-up, and regulatory issues. Solutions rely on a combination of factors: development of enabling technologies for modular components; integration of key components into systems using novel, low-cost manufacturing techniques; interfacing of systems to the external environment and most importantly, understanding the requirements of the user community and target markets.

The Broad Institute is graciously hosting this seminar on Monday, May 14, 2012.

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