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MiniFAB Will Present at Lab-on-a-Chip World Congress 2012 in San Diego

MiniFAB (AUST) Pty Ltd will be presenting and exhibiting at the 2012 Lab-on-a-Chip World Congress (LOAC-WC) conference (25-26 September) in San Diego, CA. MiniFAB will have a significant presence at LOAC-WC, with a platform presentation, poster presentation, and exhibit booth.

MiniFAB CEO Erol Harvey will present Five Tips for Successful Commercialization of Lab-on-Chip Diagnostics at 11:15AM on Wednesday September 26th. This presentation will share insights into managing complexity for successful technology transfer from laboratory prototype to full-scale manufacture of medical diagnostics. Topics covered will include issues like manufacturability, scale-up and regulatory hurdles. MiniFAB Production Manager Bas Garst will present the poster Design-for-Manufacture Approaches in Microfluidic Product Development in the poster viewing session on both conference days at 1:30 PM, poster #428. This overview will provide understanding of Design-for-Manufacture approaches unique to polymer microfluidics that enable robust, reliable, cost-effective and volume manufacturability.

MiniFAB specializes in developing in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) and sample preparation enabled by custom microfluidic lab-on-chip solutions that solve complex problems. With a flexible and open engagement model, MiniFAB's product development process covers the entire spectrum, from converting early-stage product concepts into prototypes through to OEM full-scale, high throughput manufacturing within an ISO 13485 environment.

Visitors to MiniFAB's exhibit booth will learn about a variety of disposable polymer microfluidic products developed for a range of applications, demonstrating:

  • Precision fluid handling capabilities (e.g. mixers and flow cells)
  • Integration of functional elements (e.g. sensors, electrodes, valves, filters and membranes)
  • A variety of substrate materials with a range of channel and feature sizes and complexity
  • Manufacturability of challenging features like flatness over large surfaces and high aspect ratio pillars
  • Concept demonstration prototypes
  • Examples of complete instrument-disposable systems

"Lab-on-a-chip World Congress is a meeting at the intersection of great science and exciting applications," says Erol Harvey, MiniFAB's CEO. "We always learn something new and meet fascinating people, as well as spending time catching up on the state of the technology."

MiniFAB is exhibiting at Booth #15 and is currently scheduling appointments. If you would like to meet with them at the show or arrange a meeting outside of the show, contact Andrew Campitelli at [email protected]

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