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USON Announces Video Consultation of Mathematical Tools of its Leak Tester for Nanotechnology Industry

USON has announced the offering of tailor-made video conference consultations to demonstrate the built-in mathematical functions of its Optima vT Leak and Flow Tester to equipment makers serving the nanotech industry and looking for quicker leak test cycle times and continuous quality improvements without comprising Gage R&R.

USON arranges these one-on-one video consultations at zero cost. This consultation will feature application-specific illustration of the role of Optima’s built-in mathematical tools in the improvement of yield and quality. Before the videoconference demonstration, a USON leak testing specialist will analyze existing leak testing methods to emphasize the significant advantages of Optima’s built-in mathematical functions.

Optima vT Leak and Flow Tester is equipped with several features that make it the preferred tool while opting for leak tester investments for current and future applications. Besides featuring the built-in mathematical functions, Optima vT Leak and Flow Tester have capabilities for occlusion testing, force decay testing, laminar flow tests, burst tests, pressure rise tests, upstream and downstream cracking pressure, mass flow leak detection (including differential and back pressure), differential pressure decay leak tests, gage pressure decay leak testing, and vacuum decay tests. The tester also features advanced microcontrollers analogous to those utilized in cutting-edge consumer electronics applications and two channels with as high as four sensors per channel and as high as eight total sensor inputs. It allows testing concurrently on all sensor inputs and has completely customizable pneumatic controls and large, easily readable full color touch screen display featuring intuitive user interface.

USON Global Sales Director, Gene Grilli, who also oversees USON’s engineering team for leak testing applications worldwide, informed that Optima’s built-in mathematical functions enable simultaneous testing of a product having four chambers. Moreover, intercept and slope calculations as well as averaging can be carried out easily.


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