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STMicroelectronics Launches New 3-Axis Chip-Scale Gyroscope for Motion-Sensing Applications

STMicroelectronics, the company that provides semiconductor solutions for a range of electronic applications and specializes in Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) manufacture, has launched a new 3-axis chip-scale gyroscope. Labeled the L3GD20H, the gyroscope is the company’s smallest sensor measuring 3x3 mm and 1 mm in height, built using MEMS manufacturing processes.

Gyroscope L3GD20H

Though it is only half the size of its predecessor, L3GD20, the L3GD20H is superior in terms of accuracy, resolution, response time and stability. The small size facilitates its applications in smaller sensing systems for use in smart electronic devices such as digital cameras, tablets and mobile phones. It also allows for experimental projects such as the smart suit, a prototype of which was employed by STMicroelectronics to show inertial body-motion reconstruction that enhances medical therapy, sports training aids and augmented reality.

The L3GD20H consumes 25% lower power in comparison to its predecessors and its response time is only one-fifth of previous generation devices. The output of the gyroscope has 60% lower noise thereby enabling simple designs for hardware and software and enhancing the speed of communication with the host system.

Since the L3GD20H retains its predecessor’s register structure, the device can be easily and quickly integrated by reusing the same software code. Low and high pass filters are integrated whose bandwidth can be selected by users. The device is encased in the leadless LGA-16 surface mount packages.

Samples will be available from the third quarter of 2012 and mass production will commence in the last quarter of 2012. The L3GD20H is priced at $2.60 and can be sourced in lots of 1000 units.


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