Fraunhofer IAF Purchases Veeco’s GEN200 Molecular Beam Epitaxy System

Veeco Instruments Inc. announced today that the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics IAF, a leading institution in the field of compound semiconductor research in Freiburg, Germany, has purchased a GEN200® Molecular Beam Epitaxy system. The MBE system will be used for research and development of various antimonide and arsenide-based III-V optoelectronic devices.

According to Dr. Martin Walther, Head of Infrared Detectors Business Unit at Fraunhofer IAF, “We have been working with Veeco for more than a decade, and have had very good experiences with the existing Veeco MBE systems in our facility. Thus we decided in favor of Veeco’s fully automated production MBE systems as demand for epitaxial layers for antimonide based III-V optoelectronics has increased.”

Jim Northup, Vice President, General Manager of Veeco’s MBE Operations, commented, “This new purchase extends our longstanding collaborative relationship with Fraunhofer IAF, one of the world’s top research facilities in the field of III-V semiconductors. Our GEN200 is known for its lowest cost 4x4” epiwafer growth and it is the ideal tool to support Fraunhofer IAF’s expansion in growth services.”


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