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BASF to Highlight Advanced MOF Solutions for Transportation Industry at NGV Conference

BASF will showcase its advanced metal organic framework (MOF) solutions for the transportation industry at the 2013 North American Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Conference & Expo , taking place Nov. 18-21 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

A heavy duty Kenworth demonstration truck equipped with a natural gas fuel system containing BASF metal organic framework (MOF) energy storage materials.

BASF is a global leader in MOF materials research and large-scale production. MOFs are highly crystalline structures with nanometer-sized pores that allow for the efficient storage of natural gas and other gases such as hydrogen and carbon dioxide. MOF materials provide high surface area on which gases are adsorbed. For example, a one gram sample of MOF materials offers a surface area equivalent to a football (soccer) field.

Currently, BASF is focused on commercializing MOF solutions for the transportation industry. The company has developed patented MOF materials that allow for the increased storage of natural gas, offering the potential to significantly increase vehicle range or to operate fuel storage tanks and natural gas compression systems at lower pressures.

BASF is partnering with several technology, development and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to pilot the use of MOF materials for enhanced natural gas storage in vehicles in Europe, Asia and North America.

Demonstration vehicles equipped with natural gas fuel systems containing BASF MOF materials were introduced in 2013, and a heavy duty Kenworth truck up-fitted with BASF’s energy storage technology will also be on display at the NGV Americas conference. The storage system on this class 7 T440 truck utilizes a Type IV natural gas storage pressure vessel, designed and up-fitted by Quantum Technologies , a leader in the development and production of integrated natural gas fuel storage systems. The demonstration truck is also equipped with a BASF natural gas emissions catalyst.

“We have made great progress in advancing our MOF technology from the laboratory to the pilot testing phase and we continue to work closely with a number of transportation industry counterparts to validate this technology in real-world applications, with a particular focus on fleet vehicle applications,” said Joseph Lynch, Director, Global Energy Storage for BASF. “Once our extensive testing and validation efforts are complete, we intend to bring our MOF materials to market for use in both light and heavy duty vehicles over the next 12 to 18 months.”

In 2012, BASF received the Pierre Potier Prize for research achievements in the area of metal organic frameworks. The award pays tribute to chemical innovations that support sustainable development.

Additional information on BASF’s Energy Storage solutions can be found at: .

Suggested caption: A heavy duty Kenworth demonstration truck equipped with a natural gas fuel system containing BASF metal organic framework (MOF) energy storage materials.

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