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Greenyarn Introduce Smartfleece Throws that Benefit from Nanotechnology

Greenyarn, a Boston nanotech startup developing advanced fabrics for consumers seeking eco-friendly alternatives to conventional materials, is now manufacturing and selling “Eco-fabric fleece throws" or SmartFleece – fleece throws that contain nano-particles of bamboo charcoal.

The SmartFleece containing nanoparticles of bamboo charcoal infused within the fabric's fibers, is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and static free, but yet soft and comfortable. During the cold dry winter, Smartfleece containing Eco-fabirc does not generate static electricity and works great to insulate us from the cold weather, without giving us the nasty shock like conventional fleece blankets. Some users also say that they do not have nightmares anymore after using these SmartFleece.

"We're pleased to introduce our extra-warm, static-free fleece throw." says Robin Low, CEO of Greenyarn. "It is a perfect product for winter"

Nanotechnology clothing is an emerging trend that uses the science of ultra-small machines and materials to add exciting new characteristics to products that were previously not possible. Nanotechnology is the science of manipulating tiny particles and studying their effects and properties. It enables researchers to create novel fabrics with qualities not seen in the past.

In the fabric industry, nanotechnology is offering new ways of processing fabric that could revolutionize the clothing industry. Nano-Tex, a leading company in the field, has developed processes that make traditional cotton and silk fabrics resistant to spills that would normally ruin clothing.

Material treated with nanotechnology can be engineered to do almost anything -- repel liquids, resist wrinkles, dry fast and breathe. Instead of using topical treatments, which eventually wear off, the chemicals in nanotechnology actually form a molecular bond with the fabric.

Greenyarn added nano-particles of bamboo charcoal into a Rayon Resin, and the result is amazing. This fabric is deodorizing, antibacterial, thermal regulating and does not generate static. All these benefits come from bamboo charcoal and hence Eco-fabric is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Since the nanoparticles are embedded and not coated, they will not be removed from the fabric through washing.

There is no doubt that nanotechnology offers great promise in a range of products, the novel properties exhibited by these small particles are so significant that in some cases, conventional technologies would probably be considered obsolete.

In February, Greenyarn will launch SmartFleece to its customers and is currently testing and researching new products. Greenyarn will of launch more high tech quality product this year at affordable prices, bring the future a little closer to now.

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