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NanoLogix Files Five Patents for Ultra Fast BioNanoChannel Diagnostic Technology

NanoLogix has announced today that it has filed a total of 5 patents (2 U.S., 2 provisional U.S. and 1 international) for its BioNanoChannel Technology for rapid bacterial detection and identification. This is a unique technology developed by NanoLogix that allows for the identification of bacteria strains in minutes to hours in comparison to normal 1 to more days for conventional methods such as Petri dishes. The current Petri Dish market alone is a multi billion dollar industry.

The BioNanoChannel(TM) technology utilizes extremely small (2 to 25 Microns) channels to trap bacteria and then applies proprietary NanoLogix techniques covered in the patent applications to detect and or identify the bacteria in extremely small concentrations down to a single cell. In hospitals quick identification of bacteria can be a matter of life or death, and doctors are forced to use damaging broad spectrum antibiotics until the infection is identified. The BioNanoChannel(TM) technology is simple and user-friendly (doesn't need sophisticated opto-electronic equipment), and is applicable to a large number of different liquid, solid, and bioaerosol samples. The apparatus excluding a microscope can be held in one's hand.

"These five patent applications are the cumulative result of eight years of brilliant work by Dr. Sergey Gazenko, who is the world's leading expert in the field of BioNanoChannel(TM) Technology," said Bret Barnhizer, CEO and Chairman of NanoLogix. "We anticipate his efforts leading to NanoLogix increasing its technology advantage in yet another area that is separate from, but complementary to, our efforts in hydrogen bioreactor and other medical technology development."

NanoLogix is currently finalizing the tooling for the first production run of the BioNanoChannel(TM) device. In addition to medical applications, there are similar needs in the food industry and BioDefense for rapid bacteria detection and ID. NanoLogix is in contact with the United States government in regard to rapid, portable and affordable Anthrax identification. One advantage the BioNanoChannel(TM) has over competing technologies such as PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is its ability to determine whether the spores or cells are still alive, which is critical for decontamination. Dana Allen, Vice President of Strategic Partnering of NanoLogix, stated, "Regulatory approvals are required for the BioNanoChannel(TM) before it can be sold in the general diagnostic market. At this point we can sell it for research, pursue partnering agreements, pursue grants and contract with entities such as our government for BioDefense and other needs while we pursue regulatory approvals. Approvals for diagnostic devices are much easier than for drugs."

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