Enable IPC Acquires Leading Wisconsin Ultracapacitor Technology Developer

Enable IPC Corp., a leading company for turning technologies into products and successfully bringing them to market, today announced that it has acquired a controlling interest in SolRayo LLC, an established Wisconsin technology company that develops ultracapacitor technology for improving the storage, delivery and usage of energy.

The SolRayo acquisition is in exchange for in kind contributions from a major grant to be announced shortly. SolRayo is an established Wisconsin company founded by the same scientists who developed Enable IPC’s patent-pending ultracapacitor technology. The company is currently developing new nanoparticle-based ultracapacitors for potential uses in various industrial, consumer and automotive applications.

“This acquisition is a great opportunity for both Enable IPC and SolRayo to realize our shared goals of creating nanotechnology-based enhanced ultracapacitors to support clean energy technologies,” said Dr. Mark Daugherty, CTO, Enable IPC. “We are very excited to incorporate SolRayo’s exceptional talents into our company and have the opportunity to work with the researchers who know the technology best. Their new ultracapacitor materials hold great potential for improving performance, as well as lowering the cost of ultracapacitors.”

Dr. Daugherty will serve as the new SolRayo President, having previously served as CEO of Virent Technologies. SolRayo’s co-founder, Kevin Leonard, will stay on as Chief Technology Officer.

“We look forward to working with the incredible people at Enable IPC,” said Mr. Leonard. “This development will provide us with the resources to continue the vital work of improving ultracapacitors and assisting in the worldwide energy crisis.”

Enable IPC’s ultracapacitor technology combines nanoparticles with common carbon sheets for a low cost, easy-to-implement technology that improves the performance of ultracapacitors so they can function as clean energy storage devices. The enhanced ultracapacitors are simpler, cheaper and longer lasting than some conventional batteries, but perform just as well in many applications.

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