sp3 Diamond Technologies Introduces New Hot Filament CVD Diamond Coating Systems

sp3 Diamond Technologies, Inc. (sp3), a leading supplier of diamond film products, equipment and services, today brought to market the newest member of its Model 650 Series of Hot Filament CVD (chemical vapor deposition) Diamond Coating Systems with the Model 655D for doped diamond applications. The Model 655D incorporates advanced process capabilities to dope diamond as it is deposited, making it electrically conductive with resistivity from .05 to 10 ohm-cm, while maintaining excellent uniformity.

The Model 655D has been configured with two dopant flow ranges giving the user flexibility to tailor processes with very specific electrical characteristics. By adding gas loops to the baseline diamond deposition configuration, the 655D has the ability to deliver Boron dopant via a Hydrogen carrier gas. Boron is required to dope diamond films in order to render them electrically conductive. The Model 655D also integrates new system controls and a dedicated user interface to assure process repeatability and intrinsically safe operation.

“Over the past 15 years, sp3 has gained a deep understanding of the potential applications for diamond based on extensive customer experience and in-house R&D activities,” said Dwain Aidala, president and COO for sp3 Diamond Technologies. “In the Model 655D, and the entire Model 650 Series, sp3 is bringing its industry leadership in diamond deposition to market in the form of turnkey systems that are fully configured and ready-for-use for specific manufacturing applications.”

sp3’s hot filament diamond deposition technology offers customers a critical advantage in terms of reduced development time and shortened time-to-market. By incorporating electrically conductive diamond into its reactor’s broad range of commercial applications, which includes cutting tools, wear surfaces and wafer-scale diamond, sp3 is expanding future customers’ opportunities to implement thin film diamond in conductive diamond applications, such as in coated electrodes for water treatment and electrochemistry. Having been developed originally for internal use, the company has deployed over twenty hot filament CVD diamond coating systems around the world.

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